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Post  'Fam on Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:05 am

Tron Name: The name you go by most in the game or the name others most know you by
Age: How old are you?
Were you referred by DNT Member? Who was it?
Alias Names: Other names you've used in the past or present
Anyone in the Same House as you play Tron?: Are there any brothers or sisters in other clans?
Years Played: How long have you played Tron please be very realistic
Clan History: What other clans were you in and why did you leave them
Frequency Played: Daily/Weekly/Monthly
Game Styles: DF, MR, HR, CTF, Fort, Racing, CTFS, Sumo ?
Server Preference: Where can we find you playing
Why you want to join DNT: Tell us why you want to join our gang
Where you once in DNT? What makes you want to come back

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